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5 Tips to Stay in Shape this Fall and Winter

Hey everyone!

Did you know that if you keep in shape during fall and winter… you’d be more ready than ever for next summer ? We would like to share with you 5 tips to stay in shape during this fall and winter…

1) Go out in the sun as much as you can – Days in the winter tend to be shorter so find a way, whether it’s during lunch time, the weekend, or immediately after work. It’s a matter of adapting yourself to another season. In Florida, we have a good advantage for having nicer temperatures than other northern states do. A 30 min walk will make you feel much better because you will activate cells, enhance hormones (serotonin – important hormone for humor) and say bye bye to any depressed feeling!

2) Keep fresh vegetables and fruits handy – Every time you #haveithandy you will naturally eat better food. When you fuel yourself better, you will feel more energized, and when you feel more energized, you want to be more active and exercise. When you exercise, you will want to load your body with healthy nutrients. Isn’t it a great cycle?

3) Hydrate – That’s vital for our body! In summer, we tend to drink more water, or at least feel more thirsty as we dehydrate faster. During the winter, we need as much hydration as summer to balance vital organs, skin, lungs, and blood. This keeps our bodies functioning in harmony, which allows us to be healthy and protected from any cold and flu.

4) Keeping socialization high – As winter days are shorter and colder, you may sometimes feel like staying at home more. It’s a scientifically proven fact that socialization keeps our body producing good hormones to keep us away from depression. So, why not invite some friends and family over for a healthy meal? You could drink some good Red Wine (moderation and hydration is key here) which is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants. You can also prepare some delicious winter recipes, like soups and other hot meals (click here to see our Chipotle-Halloween Soup Recipe).

5) Last but not least keep on working out – I promise, if you keep working out during winter or start during winter, then when summer is back you will have more energy to keep on going, your results will be faster, and your body will be in better shape. The effort in starting a new challenge workout routine would be much easier. Trust me!

Remember to always consult your physician and dietitian before starting a new program, routine,and habit. They always know what is best for you and for better results !

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