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5 Ways to Detox + Banish Winter Bloat

Holiday cookies and New Year’s toasts can take a toll on your body and leave behind a serious winter bloat. Spring is the perfect time to take action and get your body ready for summertime trips to the beach in a yellow polka dot bikini. Getting in shape does not have to be boring and it does not mean you have to eat chicken with every meal. Start off your summer preparation by detoxing your body of all the heavy, oily, and sugary foods you filled your body with over the past several months. Here are 5 fun and delicious ways to detox your body and say goodbye to that uncomfortable winter bloat:

1.) Start Your Day with Metabolism Boosting Tea

When you first wake up, prepare a warm cup of organic green tea with lemon. If you prefer your tea with a little bit of sweetness, stir in one or two tablespoons of raw local honey. Green tea has a little bit of caffeine and antioxidants that will give your metabolism a boost to start the day. Lemon has also shown to help speed up your metabolism and it tastes great! This cup of tea will settle well in your tummy and even brighten up your skin.

2.) Prepare a Nutritious Green Smoothie

Green fruits and vegetables are some of the most delicious and nutritious foods in the world. Green Power Smoothie is the perfect breakfast or daytime snack, but just a little secret: green smoothies are not made just from green foods. Spinach or kale generally give the smoothies their famous green color, but ingredients such as apple, pineapple, and banana add sweetness and ginger provides a slight kick. By the way, juicing fruits and vegetables is definitely a natural way to keep your body nourished, hydrated and lean. You can find all of the ingredients for the perfect breakfast smoothie or juice in the Farm Picked for You Juice Box.

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3.) Drink Water All Day Long

Carry a reusable bottle or tumbler everywhere you go and keep it filled with refreshing water. High water intake helps cleanse your body of toxins, keeps your brain going strong, and makes your kidneys very happy. If you feel the need to flavor your beverage, add lemon or infuse your water with berries. Our Fruit Box is packed with fruits ideal for water infusion.

4.) Clear Your Pantry During Spring Cleaning

While you are in the process of spring cleaning your house, take a moment to look in your pantry. Throw out anything that is expired, heavily processed, or full of high fructose corn syrup and toxic artificial sugars. Restock your kitchen with fresh produce delivered right to your door by Farm Picked for You.

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5.) Eating Foods that Fight Bloat

What do apples, lemons, and pineapples have in common? They are all bloat fighting food and they are conveniently all foods available in our new Juice Box. SOme additional bloat fighting foods that are easy to incorporate into your daily diet include asparagus, parsley, and garlic. If you are intent on fighting bloat, you can create your own custom Farm Picked for You anti-bloat box.

Get started on your detox today with Farm Picked for You. These tips and the perfect produce box delivered right to your door will help you get your bikini body ready in no time. Who would have thought that detoxing could be so fun and delicious? Sign up now for your Spring produce delivery service.

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