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The FPFY Story

From a very early age, Rodrigo, the founder of Farm Picked For You, grew up knowing the value of eating natural foods direct from the farm it was grown. Fruits and Vegetables that were free from artificial preservatives, chemicals, and GMOs. With years of healthy checkups at the doctors and a naturally active life, he realized that good food means a good life.  At a very early age, he knew he wanted to share his passion for all that Mother Nature has provided.

Rodrigo spent his early days learning what was inside the fruits and veggies he loved so much and why they made him so strong and healthy.  After years of eating healthy for himself, he knew the nourishment of farm fresh foods would not only enrich the health of his unborn baby but will create years of good health for his children.

Rodrigo came to a point in his life where he decided it was time to bring Farm Fresh and Farm Picked products to the doors of everyone in America. At stage.farmpickedforyou.com we have developed the perfect combinations of fresh farm picked organic produce. Whether you are a Mom or a Mom to be, a bodybuilder or a brain builder, Farm Picked For You will keep you and your family eating healthy.

"Health is the most important thing you have in life!"

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