Stay in Shape with a Colorful Plate

Do you realize how many beautiful pictures of food we see every day on TV, in the movies and on Social Media? Have you ever felt your mouth watering or tempted to dive right into the picture?   A Neuroscientist, Dana M. Small from Yale University, published a study in Scientific America that explains how looking at a beautiful plate of food could influence your taste experience.   We start by eating with our eyes.  Something that is pleasant to our eyes makes [...]

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The Farm Picked School Snack Schedule

August is Prepare for Kindergarten Month… So here’s some Best Snacks for School! As the craziness of the first week of school here in South Florida starts wearing off, we can start to prepare more properly for the weeks to come.  Keeping kids eating healthy can come become a challenge. Kid’s will be tempted by sugary sweets and drinks everywhere they turn.  The challenge is to keep their healthy choices exciting and fresh so your kids do not become bored with [...]

Nutritious Eating for a Better Life

Using vegetables and fruits for juicing, is definitely one of the healthiest ways to get fast results.  Do you know that you can make substantial changes in your lifestyle like having more energy to enjoy life and by simply eating more nutritious foods? Let’s start with the difference between eating and nutrition.  Eating is everything that we intake. Nutrition is the part of eating that can be very effective.In order to be the most effective, your FOOD must be ingested in a way [...]

Farm Picked For You Mediterranean Organic Produce

The Mediterranean Diet explained

It’s the age-old question, Is there an easy way to control your appetite without sacrificing hunger? Of course there cannot be any radical changes to the diet and it must be fat burning, healthy and long-lasting. This perfect easy diet may not exist, but what I have learned from adopting the Mediterranean Diet into my life has worked very well! The Mediterranean diet is totally based on the foods found in some of the worlds most beautiful countries such as Spain, [...]

Organic Produce, Straight From the Farm are considered best options as foods for energy

  Farm Fresh Matters: Why Making Your Home Farm-to-Table is Better for You and Your Family   There’s a reason farm-to-table restaurants are popping up all over the place. That’s because more and more, people are realizing that the foods they eat matter and where those foods come from matters even more. Sit down to a meal that was just fresh-picked from organic produce and cooked up for you shortly after and you’ll taste the difference fresh makes. And while it’s certainly pleasing [...]

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June is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month

Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Best Flavor Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a well-balanced diet. The United States Department of Agriculture advises diners to fill half their plate with fruits and veggies at every meal. Adult women should eat about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of fruit and 2 to 2 1/2 cups of vegetables every day. Adult men should eat about 2 cups of fruit and 2 1/2 to 3 cups of vegetables per day. Eating [...]

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Delicious Nutritious Creamy Apple & Chickpeas Salad

Ingredients 3 Apples – Diced in Cubes 1 Lemon – to be squeezed. This avoid apples to brown while serving 15 Oz of Chickpeas 1 1/2  Handful of Shredded Almonds 1 1/2 Handful of Cranberries For the sauce – 7 Oz of Plain NonFat Yogurt 1 Tbs of Dijon Mustard 4 Tbs of Olive Oil 3 Tbs of Balsamic Vinegar Pinch of Salt Peper Mix everything and put it on a side For the Salad: Step 1) In a medium mixing bowl, take the apples, chickpeas mixing it until you mix the other [...]

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You Are What You Eat, Especially When You’re a New Mom

You Are What You Eat, Especially When You’re a New Mom Congratulations on your new baby! You spent all that time during your pregnancy eating healthy to nourish your little one growing inside you, and guess what? You can’t stop eating healthy now to keep nourishing them. When you breastfeed your baby, the nutrients from the food you eat are passed to your newborn from your breastmilk, making it incredibly important for you to keep eating healthfully. And even if you’re [...]

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How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy

Whether you’re expecting your first baby or your fifth, keeping good health is important. Nutrition plays a huge role in having a healthy pregnancy for both you and your baby. Sure, it’s fine to indulge in some of your cravings during this time but to ensure your baby grows strong and healthy inside of you and to keep up your own strength, you should put more focus on eating right. Eating organic produce for expectancy is one of the best [...]

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Organic or Conventional Fruits and Veggies? What’s the Difference?

With all the buzz about organic fruits and vegetables in recent years, you might be wondering what’s the difference? Isn’t it all grown in the dirt anyway? The differences between organically-grown and conventionally-grown produce though are quite surprising. For one, organic fruits and vegetables are not allowed to be labelled as organic without meeting the USDA’s strict requirements. To get that coveted “organic” stamp, fruits and vegetables must be grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, sewage sludge, [...]

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