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Eat your Fruits and Veggies Nursing Moms!

Happy National Breastfeeding Month and World Breastfeeding Week!

As we continuously celebrate Moms, we would like to offer some valuable tips during this month of AUGUST, National Breastfeeding Month.
Doctors and Nutritional Specialists from all over the world are unanimous –  As with plenty of Love, during the first 6 months of age, breastmilk is the only thing the welcome baby needs.
So let’s talk about the benefits to both Mom and Baby:
Makes it easier and fast to loose weight – 2 to 4 pounds a month as a lot of energy is consumed by producing milkPrevent diseases and decrease mortality rate
Accelerates women recovery and combats postpartum hemorrhageReduces chances of allergies
Decreases risk of breast, endometrial and ovarian cancerLowers chances of colic in the first few months as digest system is still under development
Great opportunity to share your LOVE ! Specially if you look the baby in the eyes when breastfeedingCalms the baby
Any chance of development diabetes type 2 is reduced“Milk” is always in perfect temperature, so no chances of burning the baby
No need to esterilize any device and could happen everywhereRisk of Mental diseases decreases
There are so many things that are GOOD NEWS when it comes to talking about Breastfeeding.  But we think that one of the most important things to make sure that your breastfeeding is successful for both you and your baby, is to point out the importance of eating healthy.
Moms should be eating a great variety of fruits and vegetables every day along with plenty of water, natural juices and tea (more than 100oz. a day – 12 glasses – Note that milk, fruits and veggies has plenty of water – so plenty of pure water 60oz. at least). Remember to always  avoid as much as possible industrialized or manufactured food that is high in fat.   These types of food do not bring any nutritional value for you and your baby.

Remember, everything you eat, you will be sharing with your baby. 

To make it easy here is a practical way of putting all this information together:
– Eat at least 3 fruits a day – Enjoy the most during breakfast 
– Eat all kinds of veggies while snacking and for lunch and dinner
– Enjoy thoroughly cooked or grilled fish in one of your meals (light season to taste) 
– Mix in small amounts of whole grain rice, cereals, pasta or even potato or sweet potato in your main meals 
– 3 servings of dairy a day – (e.g. 1 Cup of milk, 1 piece of light cheese, 1 cup of yogurt)
– Be conscious of the amount of carbohydrates you have as snacks (between meals) such as cereals, whole wheat bread, or toasts
– Make sure to enjoy a good nap while your baby is sleeping as well 
To make your life easier, has prepared a special box just for your lifestyle.  The Fruits and Veggies in this box are loaded with natural protein, vitamins and minerals to help you enjoy and share the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.  During our Summer of Health Grand Opening enjoy your first box for free! 


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