Frequently Asked Questions

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
– Buddha

Farm Picked for You knows how important the health and wellbeing of your family is. We have personally selected the farms and produce to supply the organic and nutritious produce that is needed to feed and nourish your families.  Our pre-picked packages are designed for your family and lifestyle and the diet you like to follow.

Farm Picked For You is a service that delivers fresh and organic produce to your Home or Office.  With Farm Picked For You, you can customize and choose your favorite fruits and vegetables or choose from one of our packages designed specifically for you and your lifestyle.

Farm Picked For You will do our best to provide the produce of your preference, however, since we are depending on Mother Nature, we may have to replace with another delicious item until your choice is available.  We will notify you by email of any changes to your Farm Picks.

Farm Picked For You currently delivers to the state of Florida, (register here).  Our service is easy to work.  Simply choose a package of fruits designed for your lifestyle or create a custom box of your own. Select a delivery method of every week or every other week and wait for your delivery of the most delicious farm fresh organic fruits and vegetables.


When checking out, you will find a calendar showing the delivery dates available Tuesday through Friday which will be at least 48 Hours after you place the order.  When signing up, you can choose a one-time purchase with no subscription, or a weekly or bi-weekly delivery schedule.

All of our produce will be organic unless otherwise specified.

The only commitment is Farm Picked For You’s commitment to deliver the best quality produce for you and your family.   You can cancel your Farm Picked For You subscription at any time.  We never charge for signup or cancellation fees.


Subscriptions are never required at Farm Picked For You.  You can choose a one time purchase or opt for a weekly or bi-weekly subscription.  If you want to cancel your Weekly/BiWeekly Subscription at anytime, simply go to your account area of our website and click on cancel subscription. Remember, if there is anything we could do to make you a more satisfied customer, or something we should know before you go, we would appreciate any feedback you can offer.  Call us anytime at 786-571-9401 or send us a message at .


While it is always best to receive your package in person at your office or home,  if you are unable to accept delivery, know that your Farm Picked For You Box will be insulated with freezer packs to keep the produce crispy and fresh until you arrive at your home or office.

In your account area of the Farm Picked For You Website, you can postpone the delivery dates until you have returned. Remember to do that at least a week before you’re leaving in order to ensure we stop delivery.



"Health is the most important thing you have in life!"

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