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The Farm Picked School Snack Schedule

August is Prepare for Kindergarten Month… So here’s some Best Snacks for School!

As the craziness of the first week of school here in South Florida starts wearing off, we can start to prepare more properly for the weeks to come.  Keeping kids eating healthy can come become a challenge. Kid’s will be tempted by sugary sweets and drinks everywhere they turn.  The challenge is to keep their healthy choices exciting and fresh so your kids do not become bored with their choices and opt for something that is not good for them.

Here is a week’s worth of great snack choices that will make even the pickiest eaters happy. Make sure to use the farm-picked fruits and vegetables from our Kids Box, or Customize a box with all of your favorites.

Monday – Put a generous tea spoon of honey mixed with bananas and Quick oats in a bowl well covered. You can have that with a Yogurt mixed or the one they can drink.  To avoid the bananas from getting dark, squeeze some lime/lemon on it. It will protect the bananas to “live” longer.

Tuesday – An apple (thoroughly cleaned) + a slice of whole wheat bread with cheese and cream cheese – Low Fat + To drink prepare a pineapple juice in the morning in a thermic-bottle.

Wednesday –  A tasty piece of Carrot Cake + Strawberries & Grapes + Yogurt to drink

Thursday – Granola Bar + Sliced apple with almond butter + Grape Juice

Friday – A handful of Nuts (almonds, peanuts or cashew) + Black Berries + Melon Juice

For the weeks to come – you can tweak the ingredients from one day to another, but do not forget to balance 1 dose of protein (cheese, nuts, yogurt, oats, etc)  + 1 Fruit (at least) + Something to drink + Healthy Carbohydrates (Fruits, Bread, Carrot Cake etc)

With these balanced snacks, your kids will have that good portion of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fibers, Vitamins & Minerals to satisfy them at snack time, giving them the energy to pay attention for the rest of the day.   Now is a great time to get your kids started on healthy nutrition with a 100% Organic Fruit and Vegetable Box from

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