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Happy Easter from Farm Picked for You!

Spring is here! The winter’s stranglehold is finally letting go, and with that change, comes bright and sunny weather that illuminates the sky and warms up the soul. As the birds fly back up north, flowers start to bloom, and the tree leaves are growing from their branches, that can only mean Easter is right around the corner!

Farm Picked For You wishes you a happy and safe Easter! As Easter is the unofficial kick off to spring, we encourage you to take advantage of the season and eat healthy with some fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables provide the body with vitamins and minerals that help maintain bodily systems and give much needed natural energy, so you can perform your daily duties.

Fruits and Vegetables for Springtime Cooking

When thinking about ingredients for spring recipes, having the freshest fruits and vegetables are key to bringing out the full flavor of your meal. Whether you are dieting for bikini season or starting a Paleo regimen, fruits and vegetables play a pivotal role. Here are some fruits and vegetables that are great for springtime recipes.

  • Asparagus – Great source of vitamin K and a good source of fiber
  • Arugula – Packed with antioxidants and high levels of folic acid
  • Beets – Contains immune-boosting vitamin C and essential mineral manganese
  • Baby Carrots – Good source of beta-carotene and great for eye health
  • Fava Beans – Goes great with a nice Chianti and has no saturated fat
  • Garlic Scapes – High in fiber and contains a good amount of vitamin A and C
  • Lettuce – Has energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, and dietary fibers
  • Spinach – High levels of niacin, zinc, and vitamins A, C, E, and K
  • Spring Onion – Excellent source of vitamins K and C
  • Strawberries – Contains nutrients such as folate, potassium, and magnesium

These are just some of the fruits and vegetables that will not only give your meals the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs, but they also taste great too. These are perfect for most dietary requirements and can help you with your fitness goals.

Here at Farm Picked For You, we source our fruits and vegetables from local farms in Florida. They are guaranteed fresh and best of all, they are delivered right to your doorstep. Our fruits and vegetable boxes come pre-selected or are fully customizable to your specifications. Delivery of the fruits and vegetables are secure, so they do not arrive damaged. To get started on your online order today, click here.

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