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Organic Produce, Straight From the Farm are considered best options as foods for energy


Farm Fresh Matters: Why Making Your Home Farm-to-Table is Better for You and Your Family


There’s a reason farm-to-table restaurants are popping up all over the place. That’s because more and more, people are realizing that the foods they eat matter and where those foods come from matters even more. Sit down to a meal that was just fresh-picked from organic produce and cooked up for you shortly after and you’ll taste the difference fresh makes.

And while it’s certainly pleasing for the taste buds, it’s even more pleasing for the body in the form of healthful nutrients that are uncompromised due to the stringent organic growing processes that must follow USDA regulations. Eating fresh, locally-grown organic produce will do your body wonders and gives you amazing benefits.

Interestingly, many Americans throw money away every year buying up magic pills and powders that claim they can give you better health or vitamins made from impure ingredients, thinking they’re improving their health. If you’re one of them, the best thing you can do for your body is to start fueling it with real, good organic foods for energy instead. Losing weight by eating right is very possible when you start focusing on eating the right foods, ones that are organic so they contain all the nutrients you need without the chemicals you don’t.

If you’re pregnant, it’s especially important to eat the best foods for pregnancy too. That’s why going organic makes a huge difference in your health and well-being, giving you the energy you need and supplying your growing baby with nutrition without sending toxins through the umbilical cord.

Thankfully for Floridians, there’s an easy way to get these wonderful health benefits of organic, locally-grown, hand-picked produce delivered straight from the farm to your door the very next day. Farm Picked For You brings the farm-to-table experience to your home with pre-designed boxes designed for expecting mothers, families with kids, juicing, and more. You can choose the box you like and if there’s something you don’t like in the box, you can swap it out for another item. Or customize your very own box of fruits and vegetables to be filled with everything you love.

Sure, you could go to your organic section in your supermarket, but Farm Picked For You cuts out the middle man. You get fresh-picked organic produce grown right here in the Sunshine State sent to your door without ever having any shelf life on a supermarket shelf. It gets picked and boxed when you order it.

Remember, nothing is more important than your health. If you think eating right has nothing to do with it, please look at theresearchthat shows how our lifestyle of processed foods and chemically-grown produce has led to diseases and made more and more people sick. In the long run, you’ll save more on your healthcare costs when you make the healthy switch. Let Farm Picked For You deliver the freshness to your door today!



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