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Organic or Conventional Produce?

Hello, Friends! This week I’d like to share my thoughts on one of the most common questions we receive at which is why we made the decision to sell 100% certified organic fruits & veggies.
We did a comparison of the benefits of Organic Produce compared to Conventional Produce and this is what stands out to us.
With organic farming and growing of fresh fruits and vegetables, the farmers do not use chemical fertilizers, GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), Hormones, or Antibiotics.
People that have not tasted the difference with organic produce or have done any research complain that it’s too expensive!  Yes, the cost may be a little more for Organic Produce, but when you look at all you get in return, the price does not seem expensive at all.
Organic Fruits and Veggies have:
– Full and Rich Flavor
– Higher concentration of nutrients
– Higher concentration of antioxidants
– Higher concentration of polyphenols (anti-inflammatories)
Conventional produce farming uses chemicals to speed the growth and keep it fresh so it makes it from the farm to the warehouse and then eventually to your market place while organic produce is let to grow at its natural pace allowing it to produce the most nutrients as possible.
From an environmental stand point, the use of unhealthy synthetic pesticides often contributes to harming Mother Nature and our Eco-Environment.
With all of the health benefits of Organic Fruits and Vegetables, you will live a more healthy life spending less money on medicines and health care. sources our produce from only 100% Organically Certified Farms.  We offer 12 different boxes, like our #BeautyBox and CradleBox and KidsBox that are designed for your lifestyle.  You can even customize a box with all of your favorites.  There are endless combinations you can make to ensure you are living the healthiest you can.
See You Next week, and until then, keep eating #FarmPicked.

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