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Our most voted Top Detox Blends for Summer

As all of us are getting ready for the Summer… We were asked from customers if we could share some Easy DETOX Blends. Here are our most popular, delicious and powerful recipes for cleansing. Using Organic Fruits and Vegetables for juicing you will definitely gain more energy and have the perfect beach body!

If you ask me which is my favorite one? I definitely put my bets on the .. Green Detox!

Green Detox Green Tea and Kale

6oz. Of Green Tea
1/2 Green Apple (with peel)
1 Kale Leaf

Prepare the Green Tea for the day and use 6oz for your blended smoothie. You can put everything in the blender, add more ice to make it colder. Add a little bit of honey if you’re looking for something sweeter.

Ginger and Mint Detox Juice

6oz of coconut water
1 Slice of Cantaloupe
Small pieces of Ginger (take the peel off)
Honey if needed
Mix everything in a blender

This DETOX Juice is delicious and loaded with Beta Carotene (from cantaloupe). The ginger brings the benefit of anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Hydrate and Detox with Pineapple and Celery

6oz. Spring or mineral Water
1 Slice of pineapple
1 Celery stalk
Blend everything with ice.

This is a perfect juice cleanse for your kidneys. The celery, besides a powerful anti-inflammatory, has diuretic properties.

Super Vitamin C Detox

1 Orange
2 Kale Leaves
1 Small piece of Ginger
8oz Mineral or Spring Water
Honey if you like sweeter

Oranges and Kale are known to be loaded with Vitamin C, which is perfect for this time of the year to balance the cold weather and flu season.

Cinnamon & Grape Detox

7oz of Grape Juice
1 Small piece of ginger
1/2 tbs of cinnamon

Cinnamon is a great way to help lower your sugar levels. Combining Cinnamon and Grapes makes the perfect blend of spicy & sweet combination. Plus they are a well known anti-oxidants!

Additional Tips For a Healthy Detox Over the Holidays

  • Ideally prepare for immediate consumption. If you keep pre-made smoothies or juices for later consumption (even in the fridge) some of the nutrition benefits will not fully be absorbed.
  • To help the detox process,  it’s good to alternate the juices, so you can have different nutrients flowing into your body.
  • Do not replace any of the juices for any meal. The juices are to be used during the day as snacks (between meals).
  • Balance healthy food with the juices and the benefits are even better!
  • Drink lots of water so the toxins are flushed away from your body
  • If you’re in a Weight Loss Diet you should discuss a juice detox with your Nutritionist
  • Avoid Soda, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Sugary Foods or Fats during your detox.

Final Recommendations

Results may be noticed very quickly. You will feel better. More energized, less water retention, glowing hair and skin. If you keep using detox juices as a habit, you will continue to reap the benefits. There are many other processed/industrialized detox juices, but nothing compares to using all natural products. We recommend using only Organic Fruits and Veggies made fresh for immediate consumption.

Enjoy your detox!

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