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Ripening Fruits and Keep them Fresh All Week Long

As we are receiving excellent feedback from our organic fruits and veggie customers throughout South Florida, one of the biggest questions is how to keep our fruits fresh and ripe all week without having too much waste. Fruits, like Apples, Kiwi, Pears, Apricots, Guava, Mangoes, Peaches and Avocado, release a gas, called Ethylene.  This gas is very important for many reasons, one of them is to stimulate ripening. Store these types of fruits in small groups of 3 to 4.  Wrap them together in paper bags preferably or plastic bags (if you do not have the paper ones) outside the fridge for one or 2 days. Then they will be ready to eat and enjoy.

What happens when all of them are already ripe?  

How do you save them so they last for the week?  That is simple as well.  Just put them in the fridge and they will keep it good for the week.

Do all the fruits go to the fridge?

Avoid storing Bananas in the fridge.  The peel will turn dark and start to look unappealing.  Often you can peel the banana, put in a ziplock,  and freeze.  Later you can use for a delicious and refreshing smoothie.


Why are Some are Ripe and some are not?

Use the ripe ones mixed together with the not ripe ones – The gas the ripe fruits have will accelerate the ripe process between them.


We have put together some tips specifically for these delicious fruits:


Bananas - OptionalTo always have ripe bananas at your disposal, we have some tricks. Put the bananas in a paper bag (it can not be the plastic because it prevents oxygen from coming in contact with the fruit and so it will not mature). Hold the bag tight and wait for your banana to stay on point. Also, try wrapping the banana crown with a piece of plastic film, it gives super right!


Pear - Optional
Pears do not ripen completely while they are in the tree, they are harvested and then mature slowly. To speed up this process, you can follow some methods. Leave it in the refrigerator and wait a few days – the low temperatures will give a bit more force in the ripening. And the method of putting in a paper bag with an apple or ripe banana also fits the pears, try it!


The sleeve follows the same tip from the paper bag and can be left overnight to mature. If you do not have a paper bag, you can also wrap it in a newspaper sheet the result is the same. Another cool tip is to dip the mango in a bowl of raw rice or corn. But beware: with this method the fruit matures very fast, so pay attention and always check your sleeve.


Keeping the avocado in a bag with other fruits that release ethylene will also work (this technique works!). But if you opened the avocado and then saw that it is not yet ripe, do not despair, there is also a way. For an open avocado, you can spread a little lemon juice. The acid from this fruit will slow down the oxidation process.


Peach – Optional
Cold slams on the brakes of the ripening process, but doesn’t bring it to a complete screeching halt. Keep your eye on any peaches you relegate to the fridge; if left there too long they can start to dry out.


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Hope you enjoy the week!

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