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Stay in Shape with a Colorful Plate

Do you realize how many beautiful pictures of food we see every day on TV, in the movies and on Social Media? Have you ever felt your mouth watering or tempted to dive right into the picture?


A Neuroscientist, Dana M. Small from Yale University, published a study in Scientific America that explains how looking at a beautiful plate of food could influence your taste experience.


We start by eating with our eyes.  Something that is pleasant to our eyes makes it easier to taste.  When combined with smell and flavor, the taste gets even better.


With all these beautiful images of food come many beautiful colors. Now imagine that for every color you see, there are health benefits to match. Each has a specific group of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, carbs and protein.


It’s very simple, and with five color groups, you can fill your plate with nutrition. They are divided in 5 main groups below:


The Red Group offers delicious options like Tomatoes, Red-Apples, Red-Pepper, Radishes, Cherries, and Pomegranates to name a few. The Red Phytonutrients (Lycopene and Ellagic Acid) which are very good for your prostate and any DNA damage to your cells.


The Purple/Blue Food Group helps support the brain. The Phytonutrients in this category are known as resveratrol and anthoniacins, which can be found in grapes and berries. This helps our brain to be in perfect shape for verbal memory and thinking processes. Resveratrol the other phytonutrient has antioxidant properties and is a very good defense against fungus. Eggplants, Plums, Beets, Blueberries, Grapes, and Blackberries are some excellent sources from this Smart Group.

The Green Food Group is associated with energy, life, and oxygen because of the presence of chlorophyll. Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage, Lettuce, Arugula, and Avocados are excellent sources of protein. Leafy Greens are excellent source of fibers. The Green Group is a direct life-line to your lungs, liver, brain, arteries and eyes. The phytonutrients in this group are Isiothiocyanate, Lutein/zeaxanthin and Isoflavones.

The White Food Group helps with Circulatory Health and Strong Bones. They fight against heart disease, and can be beneficial for fighting and preventing inflammation and cancer. Look for phytonutrients allicin, found on garlic and quercetin found in onions and apples as a powerful antioxidant. Many physicians and dietitians are subscribing, garlic and onions in a regular diet to reduce cholesterol and balance blood pressure.

The Orange & Yellow Group are very powerful antioxidants providing your body with plenty of vitamin A to boost your immune system. The phytonutrients (alpha-carotene and beta-carotene) will make your skin and hair look irresistibly healthy with good color. The main ambassadors for this group are Carrots, Oranges, Corn, Papaya, Orange Sweet Potato.

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