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Organic Farming

Support the Environment Supporting Organic Farming

To have a healthy body, you have to begin with healthy food which follows with a healthy soil, which includes biodiversity, appropriate water supply and natural compounds.

Its know by a study, promoted by the Organic Trade Association, that if every US farmer move from Conventional Agriculture to Organic Farming, 500 million pounds of harmful pesticides would be reduced from the environment annually. Pesticides, and chemicals contaminate the soil, then the water we drink and air.
Supporting organic fruits and veggies, you help to conserve water as chemicals are not used and runoff into rivers. Water supply are extremely vital for our wellbeing, so that means that if we do not address this issue, we have a real threat in our lives.
Animals, such as hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, and lemurs are some of the most important pollinators in nature. Pollinators plays a really important role as they help to move the pollen from the “male” part of the flower (anther) to the “ female” structure (stigma) of the flower. Without these animals and insects life would be very restricted in terms of diversity of crops and plants.
It is one of the Nature’s beauty that sometimes passes by unknown for many of us. Pollinators and Plants live a mutual relation. The seeds are important for the plants to reproduce, then pollinators receive nectar and/or pollen rewards from the flowers they visit. Sugary nectar provides pollinators with carbohydrates while pollen offers proteins, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.
Another relevant factor nowadays is Global Warming, it could be incredibly reduced by cultivating organic fruits and vegetables. Another study from the Rodale Institute of Farming, which compares side-by-side conventional and organic farming, for more than 30 years, evidences that not only reducing in carbon dioxide but in Energy Efficiency by more than 45%.
We at Farm Picked For You, partnering with the best USDA Certified Farms in the US not only to bring you the best available on Organic Agriculture but to promote an holistic healthy lifestyle encouraging you to also promote Organic Farming. Consider having your Organic Fruits Delivery serviced to your Home and/or Office and let’s enjoy a healthy lifestyle! 

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