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Farm Picked For You Mediterranean Organic Produce

The Mediterranean Diet explained

It’s the age-old question, Is there an easy way to control your appetite without sacrificing hunger? Of course there cannot be any radical changes to the diet and it must be fat burning, healthy and long-lasting.

This perfect easy diet may not exist, but what I have learned from adopting the Mediterranean Diet into my life has worked very well!

The Mediterranean diet is totally based on the foods found in some of the worlds most beautiful countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Turkey, and many other countries in the Mediterranean.

If your are one of the luckiest people who have visited one of these places, you know that the beautiful scenery definitely corresponds with the delicious and tasteful grown there. The Fruits and Vegetables are colorful, full of flavor and most importantly, good for your Health!

The Mediterranean diet is very rich with the most colorful Fruits and Veggies you can imagine and it is the baseline of it. Tasty foods like lentils, garbanzos (chick peas), cereals, wheat, sesame, nuts, dates, olives, fish, yogurts, cheese, wine, olive oil, and a great variety of herbs and spices create a full colored variety of delights from the Mediterranean!

Let’s break down how these food benefit our health.

Fruits and Veggies –

Getting home delivery of 100% Organic Produce like we offer at Farm Picked For You, is a great start to make sure you always have the widest variety of nutrient rich delights on your table. Fruits and Veggies are good in antioxidants, minerals, fibers and is an excellent source of preventing cancer, controlling cholesterol levels, and maintaining a healthy heart.

Cereals –

These grains can promote energy to our body. Make sure to eat whole grains, they have more Magnesium, Phosphorus and Zinc, and are excellent for the immune system.

Oilseeds –

On contrary to what many people think, oilseeds are a great source of energy. Healthy calories come from healthy fat, bringing to us Selenium and Vitamin E, which are great antioxidants.

Seafood/Fresh Fish –

Rich in Omega-3, fish prevents cardiovascular diseases, strokes, lowers blood pressure, has anti inflammatory properties and promotes a decrease in triglyceride levels.

Milk, Yogurts, Cheese –

These dairy items are an excellent source for strong Bones, especially calcium, which prevents men and women for all ages from Osteoporosis.

Yes, you can have some Wine!

Last, but not least, enjoy some Red Wine. A nice glass of red wine is rich in Flavonoids (special antioxidant) which prevents the formation of fat plaques inside the blood vessels, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The best part of the Mediterranean Diet is that you do not have to live in the Mediterranean to enjoy the foods. All of the foods that are grown there are grown right here in the USA. Farm Picked For You sources only the best 100% Organic Fruits and Vegetables. Our service ensures your produce stays Farm-Fresh until the moment it hits your table.

I will take advantage of a glass of Red Wine, while writing this down and propose a toast to celebrate a healthy lifestyle enjoying all of the wonderful ingredients influenced by the Mediterranean Diet! Cheers!

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