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Healthy breakfast

What a Healthy Breakfast can do for you?

A Healthy Breakfast can definitely help you to lose weight

Breakfast, Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Let’s put it together some of the scientific reasons behind that, below:

Weight Loss:

It’s simple; your body needs the energy to start off. To think, too get out of bed, stay focused at work, school, walk to your car, drive, etc. If you do not take energy from food early in the morning, later your appetite would be so big that the chances to run for either a sweet doughnut or a late night pizza you kill all the effort and dedication on your weight loss program

Set the example for your kids:

Kids and teenagers who do not have morning meals, have a hard time to stay focus at school. Besides the fact they are all in a significant development phase of their lives, mentally and physically. Make sure they grab some fruits, such as apples, bananas, peaches, grapes, dates, mandarins, nuts, etc. So their bodies could have enough healthy supply for an active happy day.

Positive Attitude and Better mood:

Think about someone you know as the super vibrant, energized, full of life and the positive attitude you know. Ask about what do they have for breakfast. I’m willing to bet that 95% of them, if not all, have at least a fruit during breakfast. From my research, 100% of them are breakfast enthusiasts!

What about if you’re never hungry early in the morning? I had this experience with a friend of mine, who wanted to introduce the excellent habit of having something to eat early in the morning and couldn’t eat anything. I suggested that she started with an apple when driving to work. She started it, and after two weeks she came to me and said she was having an apple and a banana feeling much better! She was so happy about that especially as she saw results as losing weight!

I love one statement I heard from a P.h.D. and clinical dietitian Christy Tagney from Rush University Medical Center.
“Breakfast is like exercising, If you make room for it in the morning, you’ll look and feel great throughout the day” This is so true, and you’ll be feeling so great that you can’t get back to the past.

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