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Cutting Out the Middle Man

When Cutting Out the Middle-Man Means Healthy…

Cutting Out the Middle Man for Your Freshest Produce Ever

Be honest. Do you buy your produce from the supermarket? Sure, you might go for the organic, but your supermarket likely has a limited selection of organic items. Even worse though, those items don’t come straight from the farm. They change hands multiple times before you get your hands on them.

As you stand there picking up different avocados in your supermarket, do you ever wonder how many other people picked up that same avocado to look it over? Perhaps that lady over there gave it a few good squeezes after some little boy picked it up and played catch with it while his mom picked out berries, oblivious to his game. Now you’re buying an avocado that isn’t really ripe enough for tonight’s dinner, and not nearly as fresh as you’d like.

Where does your food go on the way from the farm to the supermarket? It gets on a truck, ship, train, or plane and gets sent to the distributor for your supermarket. Then it sits and awaits transport to your supermarket. There’s a lot of transport involved and a lot of time that passes from the moment your produce is plucked from the ground to the moment you pick it up and inspect it at your supermarket. That means the produce you’re getting there isn’t very fresh, even if you are getting organic.

What about farmers markets? Those are certainly better choices than your supermarket because it goes from the farm to the farmers market. But there’s still that transport involved where the farmers move the produce they pick to the farmers market. You really can’t be sure how long it’s been out of the ground from there either, though it most certainly is less time than the supermarket produce.

Your best option is to get your organic fruits and vegetables delivered to your door.

That’s what we do at Farm Picked For You. We pick it fresh when you order it and have it sent to your doorstep within 24 hours anywhere in Florida. You’re getting pure organic produce with no chemicals, GMO, or pesticides so you’re getting the full flavor of farm-fresh produce with the maximum amount of nutrients. It’s purely the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.

Choose a pre-packaged box that meets your specific needs like our Expecting Box for moms-to-be or you can customize your own box just the way you want it. You can even swap out produce in our pre-packaged boxes if there’s something you’re just not into or add more to it if you wish. Our pre-packaged and custom options allow you to get your favorite organic produce sent right to your doorstep without changing hands countless times.

Would you rather pay more for organic fruits and veggies at your supermarket that has gone from the farmer to a truck to a dank warehouse to a distribution center and then to your supermarket, and then go off with you in your cart with your kids squeezing it until you load it in the car? Or would you rather pay less for pure organic produce fresh-picked just for you as soon as you order it and sent to you without being touched by countless people? We invite you to try the difference fresh makes at Farm Picked For You. Cut out the middle man and you’ll see how much better fresh tastes!

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